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U214 x 50 cm166,30,8015-25/5-8


U214 x 50 cm166,30,8015-25/5-8


U214 x 50 cm166,30,8015-25/5-8


utility boat fender for every use and everyone!


The new U series introduced by OCEAN is the point when simplicity and elegance become one, with the high gloss finishgiving you the ultimate touch of style. You can choose between white, royal blue or black color and through a variety of six different sizes. 
In addition, the “U series” of yacht fenders are made in one-piece, resulting in consistent wall thickness thought the fender. 


As all of the Ocean fenders, it is made out of Plastisol PVC material, with rotation moulding procedure making it the highest quality utility fender in the market.

The simple valve of the boat fender offers convenient inflation and maximum protection at the same  time.
The new U series by Ocean fenders, manages to offer competitiveness without sacrificing our quality!

OCEAN - U Series - U2 Fenders

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