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Unbreakable Case, SeaShell, waterproof

Virtually unbreakable & made of high quality materials, they integrate simplicity & functionality in a minimal clear top design. No matter if you are in your boat, or rock- shing, sailing, performing outdoor excises, being on holidays, or ven in a business trip... SeaShell cases will grant top safety for all your carry-on valuables, shing gear, electronic devices, as well as, everything else you can t inside!

And of course, they do float in water...

*High-Performance means: 100% Water-Resistant, Moisture-proof, Dustproof (full-seal vacuum design), Keeping the content dry, oating in the water, made of high-strength compound materials, portable, Very easy to use, All- weather Secure.

Unbreakable case, Sea Shell 224x130x70mm, waterproof

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