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  • Pole material: aluminium
  • Pole length: 115-210cm
  • Brush material: polypropylene
  • Weight: 1450gr
  • Volume: 12614cm cubed


Lalizas Cleaning Set

The Lalizas cleaning set consists of two brushes with soft and stiff bristles, one hook and one pole. The soft and stiff boat brushes are used for gentle or hard cleaning respectively, and are made of polypropylene to resist better against the salt and the sun. The hook is light, with small length and made of nylon, while it has a large angle for easier and better hooking. The brushes and hooks by Lalizas are constructed with thread in order to be fitted to the hook pole. The pole is telescopic with length 115cm up to 210cm, so that you can adjust it accordingly. It is made of anodized aluminum for more durability and longerity. The Lalizas cleaning products are constructed for your convenience according to your needs. 

Boat Cleaning Set

SKU: 50906
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